Thursday, January 23, 2014





Yes you read it right Mass Effect 4!!!!  BioWare is finally got it finished and is putting the last touches on it as we speak now.  What are we going to see, who knows?  I am just a fan and love to play  pre, post, during I really don't care.  I hope we get to play different species, and I am hoping that  the moments between us and monsters is better. Don't get me wrong ME has great graphics, great actors, and great story line. BioWare has done a great job with this product the best 10 years so far I think.  We could go on for another 10 years with this product.

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PS3 Games

This is Call of Duty Black Ops II and this game rocks.  For months I watched my husband and son play this game and I wasn't sure if I wanted to play the game.  However, once the guys taught me the basics I am totally hooked on this game.  I LOVE IT!  So, I am I can hold my own and I am doing better day by day.  I encourage you MOM's out there whose kids are playing black Ops you wanna Freak your kids out. Practice Black Ops for a month or so then ask them to play with you, and then watch their mouths drop. 


Dead Space 3 is another zombie game.  I love Zombie games, so it is a great game in my books.  I like to the fact you can build your own weapon.  That was cool!!!!  My husband and I built a lot of weapons through out the whole game.  The online play was cool as well.  I did it with a friend of mine.  It was a lot different then what I am used to from some other games.  I think that is what made this game good and unique on its own.  It stands alone well, and that is what made it a great game to play.
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Ok I have thinking about this for a few days now and I just can't keep my mouth shut these two shoes are over $1,200.00 regular price. One of them is over $2,400.00, but the bad part is now I know where the rich get there shoes. Not one pair of shoes was under $100.00 at this store that I was at now these shoes where great.  I would have put a pair on and walked out if I could have afford it.  I love shoes, boots, and flip-flops, like any other woman, but not for the price that they were wanting for these shoes.  Don't get me I would pay for some shoes, but hahahah not that.  I know it may seem like that when I look at my pocket book.  That the $25.00 shoes my son needs.  I am looking at the small figure as being just as big as the large figure.  You know the funny thing is rich people hate tax day and poor people love tax day.  Due to the fact of the money difference.  LMAO

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I didn't realize just how many pictures we really take with the new technology that we have.  The cell phone has really changed things around for us when it comes to the fact of taking pictures.  I take pictures of everything.  I take them with my camera and with my cell phone, so I was sitting here thinking.  If I take this much, just how much  does the mom who really likes to take the pictures.  Now, I haven't hardly put my pictures on, well, I don't have an excuse, so I should put some on here. 

I will just have to start putting some up.  My family is my favorite subject to talk about anyways LOL.  Anyways, I guess I will sign off now, and get to putting some pictures up.

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Monday, January 20, 2014


I have a grandson his name is Thomas he just turned four, and he fears nothing.  He will climb up on things and climb up on things.  Then he will be look Memaw and then want to jumb.  I am like would you  stop.  His answer,"Why," so he is the why stage and I am in the cause stage.  "Because I said so, stage.  It cracks me up, "whats that, how come, why, when, where are we going,"  he is in the question stage.  So, now I am in the I have to answer them  I guess it could be worse then what I have seen from some other kids. 

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Starting Over

To be honest a really good friend got me started blogging a couple of years ago, and I haven't blogged very much.  I have been sick a lot and I am working getting better.  Mommies Point of View has helped me see that I need to get up off my butt. I want to help my family.  We have a lot of stress and I am wanting to help us get out of the whole we are in. I feel like we are in the vicious cycle and can't get out.  I feel like no matter what I do there is no end.

Why is it when a mom wants something for her children its the worse thing in the world, but if the kids wants the same thing its ok.  I can't figure that out!  I know this blog is going to sound like the ramblings of a woman half out of her gord.   However,  I am going to try really hard not to sound like that.  I want to push my family in a good direction, and I feel like my family is pulling in the other.

So, I will have to  start somewhere over again, but this time I get to start over with my husband, who is my best friend, and I love to the fact I am doing it with him. I guess just hoping that this year will be better than last years is all.

I have to figure to a way to help my hubby stop being so angry with everything.  Why does being a Wife have to feel like I am the glue that is keep the family together.  I am just trying to get as much down as much as I can. However, it keeps coming out as gibberish to me, ugg what am I going to do.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012


 My family and I have made a decision that we are goin to move.  Now, this is not just any move we are goin to move from one state to another state.  I am trying to get things in order so that we can.  It is goin to take us 6 months to move, but with the kids help it will go smooth.  I am hoping that I can have more then just a sorta move.  I am hoping it will go smooth and organized.  Just not sure when you have 2 teenagers if it will go that way or not. I laugh hoping humor will help me through the process of the move. 

The kids don't really like the move.  I know it is hard for them, but my husband and I made this decision that would benefit them in the long run.  We are doing this for them so they can have a better education and get to know their uncle more.  To get close to family. 

Family means everything to us and we are trying to show and teach them that you do things that sometimes to children doesn't understand.  We are their parents it is our responsiblity to teach them how to survive this world we live in today.

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Sparkling Ice

I have spent the last couple of weeks drinking Sparkling Ice.  I drank the Orange-Mango and it was good.  Now, I am trying to decide which drink from Sparkling Ice that I like the most.  I found it seems a drink that supports something that was a part of my life, which is Breast Cancer, because I am a Breast Cancer Survivor of 10 yrs.  There are many things I can't drink.  Sparkling Ice is a drink that I can drink for once in my life.  Sparkling Ice is a drink I would recommend to anyone and everyone.  I have yet been able to find a flavor that I don't like from Sparkling Ice.  It is inexpensive and is well worth drinking.  So, try Sparkling Ice you can find it at Wal-Mart.

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Friday, September 14, 2012


Paula Abdul has a new jewerly line coming out this Holiday Season.  This jewelery line Forever that Paula has a mix match jewelery that you can do.  Paula said that she perfer that you notice her jewelery before you notice her.  Keep an eye out for Paula's jewerlry line Forever!


Jon Bon Jovi has teamed up with Avon.  On campaigne 23 we will bring out the frangrance for the women and then later on the frangrance for men will come.  Jon Bon Jovi chose Avon he could have chose any other company to team up with however he chose Avon.  Avon and Jon Bon Jovi have the fragrance the Unstouchable, which smells wonderful.