Sunday, September 16, 2012


 My family and I have made a decision that we are goin to move.  Now, this is not just any move we are goin to move from one state to another state.  I am trying to get things in order so that we can.  It is goin to take us 6 months to move, but with the kids help it will go smooth.  I am hoping that I can have more then just a sorta move.  I am hoping it will go smooth and organized.  Just not sure when you have 2 teenagers if it will go that way or not. I laugh hoping humor will help me through the process of the move. 

The kids don't really like the move.  I know it is hard for them, but my husband and I made this decision that would benefit them in the long run.  We are doing this for them so they can have a better education and get to know their uncle more.  To get close to family. 

Family means everything to us and we are trying to show and teach them that you do things that sometimes to children doesn't understand.  We are their parents it is our responsiblity to teach them how to survive this world we live in today.

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