Thursday, January 23, 2014


Ok I have thinking about this for a few days now and I just can't keep my mouth shut these two shoes are over $1,200.00 regular price. One of them is over $2,400.00, but the bad part is now I know where the rich get there shoes. Not one pair of shoes was under $100.00 at this store that I was at now these shoes where great.  I would have put a pair on and walked out if I could have afford it.  I love shoes, boots, and flip-flops, like any other woman, but not for the price that they were wanting for these shoes.  Don't get me I would pay for some shoes, but hahahah not that.  I know it may seem like that when I look at my pocket book.  That the $25.00 shoes my son needs.  I am looking at the small figure as being just as big as the large figure.  You know the funny thing is rich people hate tax day and poor people love tax day.  Due to the fact of the money difference.  LMAO

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