Thursday, August 2, 2012

Welcome to Emeralds View Points

  My name is Shawnda I am new on here and I just starting out and would love to hear you.  Let me know what you think of my name of my Blog. 10 years ago I got Breast Cancer, I am a Survivor of Breast Cancer.  I am also been clean from drugs and alcohol for 12 years.  I am married to the most wonderful man there is we have 9 kids between us most are already grown and out of the house.  We have 3 still at the house.  We share on the sharing with 2 other sets of parents. I believe we still raise our kids no matter how old they are.  So, we are a big family, LOL, and at my home we have 2 teenagers 1 is 15 and the other is 14. 1 is a boy and the other is a girl heaven help me.  I am a Avon Rep.  I became an a Avon Rep because I like helping people to want to feel better about themselves by buying things for themselves.  My website is  Check often because I will have many stories to tell of my life and a redneck mother raising children in this life selling Avon.


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