Friday, August 31, 2012

Sparkling Ice

After going on Sparkling Ice's Website and looking around I found a few things rather intersing. I found that they are in support of a few things.  Sparkling Ice supports Breast Cancer and why that is important to me is well I am a Breast Cancer survivior of 10 years. I always like to see Products that support Breast Cancer and I try and buy and Product that is in support of Breast Cancer so with that.  Sparkling Ice supports Breast Cancer and in turn I am in support of Both. 

Now Sparkling Ice supports something else and I am goin to be real honest here on this next subject I have not much information on.  So, with that for those of you that do Sparkling Ice supports Cinco De Mayo.  Now  Sparkling Ice works hard on supporting the community that is why it is supporting things like Cinco De Mayo and Breast Cancer.

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